For Private Individuals and Professionals, we offer tailored solutions.

We take charge of projects in their entirety: sizing, electrical systems and air conditioning.


Que vous souhaitiez mettre en place de nouvelles installations, ou bénéficier d’une rénovation ; nous sommes en mesure de vous proposer

Renovating and constructing new facilities: We offer a complete range of services in Electrical Engineering, HVAC and Energy Engineering.

Each project requires personalized guidance and support and the high levels of skills of our team members.

This is why all work with power is performed by our authorized, trained and properly equipped staff.

In addition, all studies, such as costing and implementation, are performed by our internal departments.


With mutually enriching know-how and experience, our subsidiaries coordinate their work to create solutions that ensure quality and continuity of service for Turnkey Solutions

  • Electrical cabinets are wired, tried and tested, in our workshops
  • Installation is carried out by CEME
  • Training of your staff is provided by our specialists
  • Maintenance is provided by our technicians from DIADEM

Whether housing is for Private Individuals and Professionals, CEME offers Guaranteed Expertise in all aspects of Electrical Engineering, HVAC and Energy Engineering.

Our Maintenance specialists ensure ensure follow-up support for all our operations.

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